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In need of some serious relaxation? Experiencing neck or shoulder discomfort? Amilda, your massage salon in The Hague, offers more than just massages; we offer a luxurious wellness experience. Whether you’re looking for the best soothing relaxation massage, relief from muscle tension with our deep tissue massage, a wonderful couples massage, we have it all. Expecting mothers can enjoy our custom-designed pregnancy massage, focused on
complete comfort and relaxation. 

For a premium massage experience in The Hague, Amilda is your go-to destination.


Relaxing Massage

express 30 min € 45,00
regular 50 min € 69,00
extended 80 min € 99,00
double 110 min € 139,00

Lose yourself in pure relaxation. Our top-tier therapists work magic with their hands, melting away stress to rejuvenate both body and mind. Walk out refreshed and lighter than air.

Gentle to Medium
For a Firm pressure, choose the Deep-Tissue Massage option


Deep tissue Massage

express 30 min € 49,00
50 min € 75,00
80 min € 109,00
110 min €149,00

Need to cut through muscle tension? Experience our premium Deep Tissue Massage. Our highly skilled therapists know just the right pressure points to untangle those knots, elevating your comfort and flexibility.

Medium – Firm
 A combination of slow and fast strokes to target deep muscle layers


Aromatherapy Experience

regular 60 min € 79,00
incl express facial
90 min € 119,00

Unlock serenity with our signature Aromatherapy Experience. After a quick mood assessment, we will choose the essential oil that vibes with you. After a professional massage, emerge stress-free and energized, feeling like a whole new you.

– Gentle to Medium



regular 50 min € 139,00
80 min € 199,00
110 min € 279,00
add-on € 6 / 9 / 12 per person

Share the gift of relaxation with someone special in our deluxe couple’s suite. Our therapists set the perfect mood for you both to unwind, syncing your relaxation and multiplying the bliss.
You and your companion will each receive a treatment by a therapist, simultaneously, in a shared private room on two separate beds.

– The listed rate is based on our Relaxing Massage, which employs Gentle to Medium pressure.
– The listed rate is based on our Relaxing Massage, which employs Gentle to Medium pressure.
– Should you desire a firmer touch (Medium to Firm pressure), an additional cost starting from €6 per person, based on your treatment duration, will apply.
– Kindly indicate your preference in the “notes” section when booking, or communicate your desired pressure level to your therapist. You can also inquire for more details upon arrival.


Pregnancy massage

regular 50 min € 75,00
extended 80 min € 109,00

Pregnancy got you tense? Our custom-designed massage offers expectant mothers a haven of comfort and relief. Our specialized techniques focuses on your unique needs, supporting both you and your baby’s well-being.